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Navy 3.0 - Remote

$3,850.00 CAD

The Navy 3.0 is equivalent of a 6 hp gas outboard motor. It provides more than sufficient propulsion for tenders, dinghies, or RIBs and boats up to 3000 kgs.


Incredibly Versatile

The Navy 3.0 provides up to 60 mins of run time at full throttle on one battery, and up to 10 hrs of runtime at slow speed.


Parallel Connection

With the Navy 3.0 you can connect up to 8 Navy batteries in parallel. This means you have up to 8 hours of run time at full speed.


Eco-friendly, Quiet & Maintenance Free

With the Navy there are no exhaust emissions going into the water, no fuel leaks and less overall carbon emissions. The Spirit’s direct drive electric motor does not require any maintenance as there are very few moving parts. Because of this the Spirit is super quiet as well, peaking at 60dB which is as loud as a normal conversation.


Included with Motor

Wrench Set, Battery Bridging Cable, Main Switch Cable, Link Arm, Owners Manual



Performance Table
Speed* (kmph / knot) Range* (km / nm) Running Time (hrs)
Slow Speed 6.1 / 3.3 61 / 33 10
Economical Speed 9 / 4.9 36 / 19.6 4
Full Speed 20 / 10.8 20 / 10.8 1
* Navy 3.0 outboard with 1 Navy battery. Motorboat and sailboat up to 3 tons.
**The performance data is based on a 12-foot aluminum boat with one Navy 3.0 and one Navy battery. The actual speed, range and running time may vary because of different boats, load, weather, etc.


Input Power: 3 kW

Equivalent Horsepower: 6 hp

​Motor Weight: 24.1 Kg / 52.8 lbs

Battery Weight: 31.5 kg / 69.4 lbs

Battery Capacity: 3042 Wh

Shaft Length:
Long - 76.5 cm / 30.1 inches
Short - 64 cm / 25.3 inches

2 years, basic motor
1 year, battery
(Non-commercial use only)

For more information on the Navy 3.0 line of electric outboard motors please visit the ePropulsion website,

NOTE: Battery sold separately.