ePropulsion Evo


New for 2021, the all new and very revolutionary Evo series from ePropulsion. The Evo series features hydrogeneration technology that allows you to charge your battery/batteries while sailing by using the propeller/motor as a generator.

2021 Evo line-up

48V Motor Architecture

Each Evo model in the range has been developed on a 48V voltage platform with the same systems protocol.
Benefit: There is excellent compatibility between Evo outboards, Evo pod drives, E-Series batteries, and Evo controls - and therefore flexibility to configure a system that fits your needs.

Safety Wristband

In case of a man overboard situation, the safety wristband immediately shuts down the motor. Each Evo motor can connect with up to 8 safety wristbands.
Benefit: The safety wristband keeps everyone onboard safe, not just the operator attached to the kill switch. This function also keeps you safe when you’re alone and not in close proximity to the kill switch.


ePropulsion's Spirit Evo and Navy Evo are the first-ever hydroelectric outboard motors. It’s a remarkable green innovation, especially for the sailing community.
Benefit: Hydrogeneration makes sailing trips even more environmentally friendly and sustainable. Much of the time you don’t even need to turn on the generator on a sailboat.

Pricing and availability will be announced April 1st, 2021