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Spade Anchors

Spade anchors are available in three materials (Galvanized Steel, Aluminum, and Stainless Steel), and in ten different sizes. The steel versions are hot dip galvanized to protect them from the elements.

Spade anchors are not referred by the anchor’s weight, but instead to its effective surface area. The amazing efficiency of a Spade anchor is due to the size and the shape of its effective surface. No matter what material a Spade anchor is made of it will have the same holding power because of the surface area of the anchor.

No Hassle

No special mooring lines or anchoring techniques are needed with a Spade anchor. Just set and forget due to the aggressive quick setting design and lead weighted tip. Spade Anchor offers free Limited Lifetime Craftsmanship Warranty and a 6 Month Performance Warranty with every anchor.

Visual Reassurance

The large bright yellow surface colour of a Spade anchor makes it easier to visually check how well the anchor has dug in. The beautiful curves make the Spade anchor look stunning on any boat bow.

Certified "Very High Holding Power" by Bureau Veritas, you can be confident that your Spade Anchor will perform.

See our sizing guide for detailed information about anchor sizing.

More information from the manufacturer.

Download Spade dimensions chart for reference or printing.

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Spade "A" Aluminum

From $580.00 CAD - $3,050.00 CAD

Spade "S" Steel Anchor

From $425.00 CAD - $5,350.00 CAD

Spade "X" Stainless Steel

From $1,000.00 CAD - $6,675.00 CAD