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F-RIB Boats

The revolutionary fold-able RIB

Introducing the revolutionary F-RIB, the only RIB that can be assembled and inflated in less than 5 minutes, and then fold down to be transported in a car, boat, RV, or even an ATV or Side by Side. The patented F-RIB design features a rigid fiberglass hull that is light-weight and is resistant to wear and tear in everyday use. These features make F-RIBs lighter, more compact and more versatile than other RIBs.

F-RIB’s unique folding GRP hull provides a superior ride over other inflatable boats. Because of this folding design it is easy to pack and store out of the way, frees up deck space, and does not require a trailer to transport.

Flotation is provided by high density UV durable PVC tubes, comprised of up to 5 inflatable chambers, which provides excellent buoyancy, even in rough seas.

The combination of an F-RIB and a Torqeedo electric motor makes a great combo to put on the back of your ATV, UTV or truck to take out to your favourite remote fishing spot. No more need to haul a long trailer though those long narrow and rough trails through the woods.

All F-RIBS come complete with an accessory bag, bench seats, 2 oars, 1 air pump, a repair kit, and an owner’s manual.

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