Skrew Mooring

Skrew AnchorThe Skrew Mooring Anchors is brought to you by the same great company that brings you the famous Spade Anchor. The answer for creating secure moorings.

Helicoid anchors are superior to traditional concrete mooring systems in almost every circumstance.


Consider this, a 2.5-ton concrete block can be replaced by a 40" SK2500 Skrew Mooring Anchors.

Skrew Mooring Anchors are superior for:

Value - Compared with concrete blocks. 
Longevity - The galvanized Skrew Mooring Anchors will last for many, many years.
Environment - Skrew Mooring Anchors do not dredge bottoms like blocks. Many jurisdictions no longer allow block moorings.
Ease of installation - Skrew Mooring Anchors can be installed in as little as 30 minutes with 2 divers, as opposed to making, maneuvering and installing a huge concrete block.

Skrew Mooring Anchors will work in most bottom types, with the exception of solid rock.



Installation of Skrew Mooring Anchors is easily done with two scuba divers. Average installation time is approximately 30 to 60 minutes.

The following are the general steps for the installation of Skrew Mooring Anchors:

  1. Confirm suitability of bottom by driving a steel bar into the bottom to the depth of the intended anchor. If the bar can be inserted into the bottom, installation should be possible. 
  2. Insert a steel bar into the eye of the anchor.
  3. Turn the anchor using the bar.
  4. Continue to turn until the anchor is buried to the bottom to the level of the eye.
  5. Attach your anchor rode.

Installed Skrew AnchorInstallation of Skrew Anchors by diversInstallation of Skrew Anchors by divers


Sizing Guide

Model Boat weight (tons) Vertical Lift (tons) Shank Length Shank Diameter # Discs 
SKJET Jet Ski - 0.5 m / 19.7" 30mm / 1.17" 1
SK1600 3.5 1.6 0.75 m / 29.5" 40mm / 1.56" 2
SK2500 8 2.5 1.0 m / 39.36" 60mm / 2.34" 2
SK3500 12 3.5 1.4 m / 55.1" 60mm / 2.34" 2
SK6400 16 6.4 1.4 m / 55.1" 60mm / 2.34" 2
SK8500 24 8.5 1.9 m / 74.8" 76mm / 2.96" 3


Skrew Mooring

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