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Torqeedo Travel

Travel 1003

Imagine an outboard that you can easily pick up with one hand. 

Imagine an outboard that starts every time with the touch of a button and the twist of the throttle.

Imagine an outboard that let's you have a quiet conversation with your friends without needing to yell over the noise of a regular gas outboard.

Imagine no gas spills! 

The Torqeedo Travel line of electric motors can do anything that a 1.5 HP or 3 HP outboard can do except its lighter, cleaner, quieter and more convenient

The Travel has an integrated battery that is easy to handle and easy to charge. 

The Travel line is perfect for tenders, dinghies and small daysailers (up to 1.5 tons). They have excellent range and can even be charged as they are used to extend your range. 

The Travel is not just another dumb outboard. It has an integrated GPS, and the ability to connect to (and charge!) your smartphone. The Travel is the next generation of technology for your boat, and you are going to love it!


Travel on sailboat

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