Commercial and Industrial Anchoring Systems

Fish farm cages

Crafts Cove Marine tailors our solutions and pricing to meet the challenges of commercial and industrial applications. 

Whether you are involved in Ocean Research, Aquaculture or aerospace, you need to get value and dependability from your gear. Let us work with you on the right solution at the right price. 

We can offer:

  • Deep discounting based on volume
  • Custom anchor sizing for extra large installations
  • Access to manufacturers for engineering and specification assistance

Skrew Anchors

Screw Anchor from Spade

Skrew helical anchors are a reliable and cost effective mooring solution. Installation can be done either manually, with two divers, or with mechanical drivers, for larger installations.


Usage scenarios for Skrew Anchors:

  • Aquaculture: Fish cages, open-net and pen systems
  • Ocean research installation anchoring
  • Buoy mooring installation
  • Marina mooring fields
  • Aircraft tie-down systems




Spade Anchors

Spade Anchors are the best value anchor that you will find. You might find a cheaper anchor, but you won't find a better holding and better-constructed anchor. Your Spade Anchor will outlast your vessel. 

With sizings for the smallest vessels to as much as 165 tons, there is a Spade Anchor that is right for your application. Custom sizing is also available for large applications.

If you are outfitting a fleet of vessels we can offer steep discounting.

Contact Us for details or if you have any questions.